Ilorin ó: Praise Poetry

December 30, 2021

Ilorin ó is a unique collection of praise poems in English, Yoruba, and Hausa passionately celebrating and illuminating the city of Ilorin’s wealth of culture, history, Islamic heritage, and individual achievements. It is a work that is solid in content, form, and techniques. There are many quotable lines, a measure of poetic strength.

I cannot forget the line about the child hearing Koranic recitation from the mother’s womb. Also, the moral authority combined with an oratory in a wise one who can be heard by a dumb ruler! In addition to the rich Islamic heritage and the success of Ilorin individuals in the areas of justice and bravery, the poet praises the city’s delicious trademarked foods such as “Warankasi,” “Tuworesi,” and “Gbegiri.”

Among the best-executed poems are “Onikepe Aduke Opo” and “Why the Sun Has Not Diminished in Light.” Na’Allah has handled the praise poetry form dexterously, and that means “at times even a critical appraisal of an item of praise.”

The reader comes out with a feeling of satisfaction for the poetic effulgence and knowing Ilorin better in its multiple areas of distinction and especially for its multicultural, Islamic, and tolerant character from an Ilorin-born and raised fine poet. – Tanure Ojaide, poet and scholar, Frank Porter Graham, Professor of Africana Studies, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA…

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Publisher: Malthouse, Lagos, 2018
Paperback: 86 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9785579867
ISBN-13: 978-9785579864
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